RaceSail is a program for scoring a single race, a series for a single race class or a complete sailboat regatta. In each race class, boats are registered by unique sail number. Names and addresses may be entered for mailing lists. Once all the boats in a race class have been defined, scratch sheets are produced for the on-the-water race officers. Results can be printed for a single race or for the overall scores in a series. These can be printed for local display, printed to an HTML file or published directly to a web site. Since RaceSail is Windows based, the program can be run on an Apple Mac in emulation mode.

Race classes can be scored by finish position or by finish time. The following handicap systems:

Pursuit is where the boat starting times are adjusted so all boats should finish together if they sail to their handicap!

Results are shown in a list view that can contain an indefinite number of races. Two or more races are summed and the total scores ordered into a final ranking. Ties are broken according to the procedure outlined in the Appendix A of the US Sailing’s “The Racing Rules of Sailing 2004-2008.”

Get manual, rs42.pdf 1.1MB, 75 Pages.

RaceSail has been developed by Ed Mitchell. You can contact him via email at emitchell@ieee.org.