ReadMe.txt for RaceSail

Extract the files to a temporary directory (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP for example) using WinZip. This will normally create a folder called "RaceSailSetup".

If you have a previous version of RaceSail you don't have to uninstall it (level prior is OK - the beta versions must be uninstalled). To uninstall a program, go to (Win9x) Start>Settings>Control Panel> or (XP) Start>Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs. Select RaceSail and uninstall it. The uninstall should preserve the archive.rca file (not if version 33 or earlier) which will contain any archived race classes and includes all the boat and skipper information.  If you don't uninstall the old version, you'll need to pick a folder in which to place the new version - say C:\Program Files\RaceSail\RaceSailnn\...

To continue the installation, execute (double click on) the Setup.exe in this RaceSailSetup folder which will start the install program for RaceSail. The default folder for the installation is C:\Program Files\RaceSail\...

To start RaceSail, double click on the RaceSail icon or go to Start/Programs/RaceSail. If there are many programs installed, you may have to force the Programs list to scroll down to the end by holding the mouse on the down arrow at the end. This list is NOT in alphabetic order.

Once RaceSail has been started, you can load a test regatta by selecting Test.rcw from the RaceSail directory by using the File>Open menu command.

If you want to read a printed manual, open RaceSail.pdf that is in the RaceSail\Doc folder and print this.

The other text of the manual is embedded in the Help system. Selecting Help/Topics will load the Help program and opening the topic "Using RaceSail" will lead to the manual which can be read sequentially if desired.

The changes that have been made to various levels of the program and bugs that have been fixed are detailed in the Fixes.txt file.