RaceSail will operate on all Windows platforms, 95, 98, 200, ME, NT, XP and Vista (for Vista see below); Mac in emulation mode, tested with Virtual PC by Connectix. The current version is 1.2-42. Download the zip file and read the readme.txt file that can be seen when you open the file with WinZip.

You are encouraged to join the RaceSail mailing list so that we can tell you when there is a newer version. There is a RaceSail User group for feed back and discussion. Look at the FAQ file.

The documentation is in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and was created using version 5.0. Earlier Reader versions may give a Fonts Missing message. You can freely update the reader from the following URL: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.
File Description Version Size Notes
rs41.zipRaceSail Install. See changes.1.2.41 6.4MBPrevious Version
rs42.zipRaceSail Install.
See changes.
1.2.42 12.6MBRelease Version
rs42.pdfRaceSail Manual1.2.42 1180KBManual for version 1.2.42

The size of the install .zip file has doubled since switching to use Microsoft's Installer package. It now has to contain a separate installer for a Win95 derived OS (98, ME) and an NT derived OS (2000, XP, Vista). The racesail.exe file is still less than 1300KB. To fit in with Microsoft's installer policy and some dll files requires the other 5MB!  If there is any difficulty with downloading the .zip file, contact the author for a copy of the RaceSail folder after installation which comes to 2.8MB, most of which is the help files and system .dlls that now get their own copy - a new Microsoft policy to get around what is commonly called dll-hell.

Vista Help Problem

RaceSail will work under Vista with the exception of the online Help.  Under Vista on clicking the Help menu item, a message will come up saying WinHlp32.exe is missing.  Microsoft no longer distributes this file as part of the OS.  A fix is described in MS Knowledge Base article 917607 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607).  After downloading and installing the WinHlp32.exe file use the automatic "Fix It" in the article to repair the registry so that macros can be enabled.  Online Help will work correctly now.  If you don't need the online Help, download the manual (rs**.pdf) file which is created from all the individual help files.