Summary of changes between level 41 and 42

The main changes are as follows:

Complete list of the modifications that were made

Changed to 1.2-42b1 (16 Aug 2008)

305. Changed the format for the IRC delta handicap so that 4 digits of
precision can be used. Rasmus Schneider, MTÜ ESS Kalev Jahtklubi.

306. Changed the File>Import/Export>Load Class Archive... menu item so that a
boat name will always be loaded if the column is present. Previously the
default was that there we no boat names and after the load any boat names
provided were removed! Remus Broussard of Austin YC.

Changed to 1.2-42b2 (10 Jan 2009)

307. Changed the File>Import/Export>Load Boat Info... menu item so that it
will load the handicap change (delta handicap) value without changing all the
stored values in each race. Previously load boat info would create a boat
from a row in the .csv file and if the sail number matched on already in the
class, the old boat was deleted and the new boat added. The action of
deleting the boat removed all the delta handicap values stored within the
races. Now different configurations of handicaps can be stored as files and
loaded into the top boat info list. Subsequent races created would inherit
these delta handicap values for each boat.

Changed to 1.2-42b3 (13 Feb 2009)

308. Fixed the penalty scores when using Cox-Sprague scoring. Previously the
score of a DNC boat would be the same as the last boat. It should be on the
diagonal of the Cox-Sprague table so one worse than the correctly finished
boat. Ray Perry of NYYC, Newport, RI.

309. Fixed the copy of the score information when pasting one class into
another .rcw file. Previously the flag for a Series Average (under the
General tab) would not be copied so it would have its default value of false.

Changed to 1.2-42b4 (29 Jun 2009)

310. Changed the PHRF sort to use the generic atof() conversion. Since PHRFs
are by nature integer, still the float conversion works and solves the problem
of sorting the negative PHRF values. Ray Perry of NYYC, Newport, RI.

Changed to 1.2-42b5 (9 Sep 2009)

311. Changed the OneDesign.lua template file so that it didn't give the score
method. Since it's only doing one design the "Score Method=One Design" was
redundant and just used up needless characters on the web page.

312. Changed the ScratchSheetByDivision.lua template file to remove the
redundant <style ...> tag after the closing </style> before it. Mark
Beauvois, CMCS, Fort Myers, FL.

313. Removed the old Publish Web page menu option. This used a separate
Parser/Generator to execute .tmpl files. The new mechanism is to use .lua files
that have a better syntax and error checking mechanism.

Changed to 1.2-42b6 (31 Mar 2010)

314. Added a post build event to the installer project (RaceSailSetup) that
changes the permissions on the archive.rca file so any user running the program
can rewrite the file (on exit). This file maintains state (like current
Preferences) for each installation. Windows 7 caused this problem by preventing
anyone but administrators from changing files in C:\Program Files\...

315. Fixed the install so that a shortcut to Race.exe was added to the
Start menu.

Changed to 1.2-42 (19 Aug 2010)