Summary of changes between level 40 and 41

The main changes are as follows:

Complete list of the modifications that were made

Changed to 1.2-41b1 (21 Oct 2006)

294. Added a menu item under the Tools main manu - "Show Boats in Contention". This will list the times that the boats that haven't finished yet have to actually be in contention for a prize. Used with handicap long races when it's necessary to determine whether a boat with a big handicap can still finish within the prize list.

295. Added the Lua interpreter. Now template files (with the extension of .lua) can be written in the Lua language. Lua is a complete language that can handle strings. The function calls are very similar to the RaceSail template language.

296. changed the Results() function called from a template so that it returns a Lua table equivalent to a spreadsheet. Added a Headers() function that returns a table containing an array of tables, each one describing one of the columns in the selected right hand list view.

297. Show all the .lua files that are in the Templates folder under the
RaceSail home directory under the Publish main menu. These then become
commands for formatting the data for output.

Changed to 1.2-41b2 (10 May 2007)

298. Fixed a bug in the sorting of the sail numbers associated with a race.
It appeared as a list of sail numbers in non-alphabetic order in the drop down
combobox when entering results and made it difficult to select the boat that
had finished. Ray Perry of New York YC reported this.

299. Fixed the abort when reading a Unicode .csv file for boat information.
This would produce the same abort when any .csv file was read that had no
column that matched one of the allowed headers. Bob Aring of Milwaukee, WI
reported this. Suzy Phelps of Lake Michigan SRF also reported this when trying
to import a .csv file that had a problem with the header line.

Changed to 1.2-41b3 (09 Jul 2007)

301. Fixed the print so that boats that never competed would not be listed
(all DNCs). This reduction in output is controlled by the check box in the
General tab of the Edit>Options menu item labelled "Print DNC Boats." Betsy
Aiken of Hyannis Yacht Club reported this.

302. Fixed the problem that the template file was never saved if it was
changed. All current .rcw files will start out with an old .tmpl file. If
this had been changed to a .lua file, it was not saved as the default so the
file had to be continually reselected.

303. Removed the <style type="text/css> line from the template files. If
there was no style file selected, this unfinished <style...> tag prevented the
entire page from rendering.

Changed to 1.2-41b4 (22 Aug 2007)

302. Fixed an abort that was caused by loading the boat info (from a .csv
file) into a race class that had races already defined. If this was done
before the first race was setup, then there was no problem. Also the failure
only occurred when a boat was being replaced from the incoming list of boats.
Pure additions were fine.

303. Fixed a problem with using the delta handicap (to change handicap
between races). It would be listed incorrectly and when IRC was used, a
floating point value was created with 50 characters. Peter Herning from
OMYC, Thailand reported this problem.

Changed to 1.2-41b5 (19 Mar 2008)

304. Recompiled with Visual Studio 2005, Service Pack 1. This is supposed to
fix the "Missing DLL..." problem reported in Microsoft Knowledge Base
article KB911884.

Changed to 1.2-41 (06 Apr 2008)