Author Resume

Ed Mitchell has a BA in Physics from Trinity College, Cambridge, UK and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Liverpool University. Starting using computers in the 1960s he worked for Electronic Associates Princeton Computation Center using analog computers for simulating physical systems.

When Raytheon obtained the contract to build the Patriot missile, he was responsible for building a computer model that was used to simulate the missile performance.

Leaving Raytheon, he was a principal in Mitchell & Gauthier Associates, Inc. and there developed the Advanced Computer Simulation Language (ACSL), now supported by AEGIS.  ACSL makes it easy to solve differential equations that can describe how dynamic physical systems behave. Anti-lock braking systems on cars, autopilots on airplanes to mention a couple.

Fluent in the computer languages C, C++ and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) programming.

Ed is a member of the Hyannis Yacht Club on Cape Cod and the St. Charles Yacht Club in Fort Myers, Florida.